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Our curriculum can help you teach reading to a student of any age in any setting!

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With systematic instructions and a multi-modality approach, students and teachers will discover the joy of learning. For anyone that wants to teach reading, no matter their experience.

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No need to store books or pay for shipping! Our products are available as PDFs. Perfect to use on any device! It is easy! Download, print or make copies, and teach!

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Unique courses that coordinate seamlessly with print and pdf sets and expand instructional options and practice with unique content! We will do the teaching; you become the guide!!

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Seamlessly transition between print, digital, and online curriculum as it suits your student's needs or simply to incorporate variety. Let our tools support your teaching as you support your student in any environment!

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Our Products and Curricula Are Based on Uncovering the Logic of English

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Uncovering the Logic of English explains the logical patterns behind 98% of English words in an easy-to-read, straightforward manner. Our free resources and products take on the research presented in this book and convert it into effective practice and methods.

Display of starting points for all curriculum lines: Foundations, Essentials, Rhythm of Handwriting and Sounding Out the Sight Words

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Together We Can Reverse the Literacy Crisis

"Sixty-six percent of students in 8th grade read below grade level." - Nation's Report Card 2019

Uncovering the Logic of English teaches us it doesn't need to be that way since we can empower all students to learn to read through vital knowledge about how written English works. In 2000, the National Reading Panel concluded that when the Five Essential Skills of Reading are incorporated into language arts curricula, students of all ages can become the strong readers, spellers, and writers they were meant to be.